The Book

Navigating the complexities of professional services careers is hard and often riddled with frustration and disappointment.  The lucrative compensation and the distinguished opportunity to serve and lead at the highest ranks of your chosen profession should not be ignored. While the glimpses of what success looks like are all around, it can sometimes feel beyond the realm of imagination for someone to realize such gains for themselves.  Many people stumble into successful career outcomes after humble beginnings with little or no plan.  Sadly, there are large groups of talented and ambitious people who continue to struggle to align interests to opportunities that will yield their desired outcomes.  These people represent a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and experiences for which there are no established criteria.  This book captures my journey as an immigrant from Jamaica to the leader I am today, highlighting key principles that helped me endure many challenges and lead a successful business.  Based on countless mentoring conversations I’ve had throughout my career, I know my story will resonate with many professionals who had or are having similar experiences.  My hope for the reader is to be inspired, encouraged, and most importantly be able to extract tactical actions that can be applied along their journey to help them achieve their desired career aspirations.